Fixture Interface Receivers

Fixture Interface Receivers provide the electrical connection between a board test system and the test fixture. They are offered for use in proprietary in-house test systems and for OEM applications that require an industry-standard fixture solution.

The receivers typically utilize the proven technology of major ATE interface systems. We have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to develop tester-to-fixture interface configurations to meet your needs.
Typical receivers are shown. 

The GR 2270 Still Standing - Now With Coax Terminals and 19 Inch Rack Mounting

The well known GenRad 2270, (71, 72 etc) fixture interface is by its long life and wide-spread use a real classic. It's simple and effective mechanics and the neat interface blocks at the rear makes it a slim and lightweight design for most test fixturing applications. Today, the interface is used generally - not only with the GenRad test systems.

Columbia offers a complete test fixture interface system based on the traditional GR2270 design. The solution comprises of a spring probe receiver for 19" rack mounting and the corresponding fixture with solid nail-head pin interface blocks.

The coax terminals are grouped in standard size interface blocks with maximum 28 terminals per block.