ICT/FCT Probes

ICT/FCT PogoPlus® Probes

Everett Charles Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of pitch options, tip geometries and platings to ensure an optimized probe solution for every application.  ECT’s ICT / FCT product lines, which includes the new EDGE, LFRE and PogoPlus® Series, address the unique demands of loaded board and vacuum fixture applications. Most probes feature an enhanced version of the legendary bias-ball design to virtually eliminate “false opens”; proprietary metal plating processes for higher conductivity; and precision MicroSharp™ steel tips for long-lasting durability. A full range of sizes accommodates products with mixed test center requirements.

ECT’s revolutionary PogoPlus® with Biasing Ball technology probes eliminate probe-induced false opens, saving you the time, money and trouble of needless product retesting.  The unrivaled electrical performance of the PogoPlus is due to the interaction between the spring, captured ball and plunger, which forces the plunger into continuous contact with the barrel wall at all times. The result is uninterrupted electrical continuity and low overall resistance that can’t be equaled by any other “high performance” probe.

The PogoPlus® is also designed to be the world’s most durable probe with features  like optional stainless-steel MicroSharp™ tips, a larger spring volume and enhanced pointing precision.

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