Lead-Free Pogo Probes

Lead-Free Pogo Probes

ECT's New Lead Free POGO® Series

ECT’s new Lead Free probe line incorporates a number of features that will significantly reduce the issues that arise when switching to lead free solder as well as those contact issues that arise with OSP and No-Clean solder flux.

• New Proprietary Plating

Our new Lead Free probe incorporates a new Harder and Slicker plating that not only resists wear but also reduces solder and debris transfer.

• Higher Preload

All of our new Lead Free probes incorporate higher preloads. Higher preload reduces spring force variation with board flex and increases the initial impact penetration, resulting in higher first pass yields.

• PogoPlus Bias Ball Design

The PogoPlus internal bias ball design guarantees uninterrupted electrical contact with the probe sidewall virtually eliminating probe related false opens.

• Range of Spring Force Choices:

Compared to competitors’ products, which offer limited spring force options, ECT’s LFRE Pogos are available in a variety of spring force choices in 100 mil, 75 mil and 50 mil centers.

• Spring Life

All of ECT’s Lead Free (LFRE) probes have a spring fatigue life that surpasses 500,000 cycles. Competitors’ lead free products may increase preload but dramatically lower cycle life, in some cases, at or below 50,000 cycles.

• Pointing Accuracy

ECT’s new Lead Free probe incorporates a double roll close, which offers the industries best pointing accuracy. Increased pointing accuracy is of benefit when using Lead Free solder and/or No-Clean as the probe is less likely to touch the edge of the pad where the solder flux accumulates.

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