Feinmetall News!

Feinmetall News!

New RF Contact Probes for Limited Space

For the contacting of RF connectors such as SMB, SMC, Fakra and others, Feinmetall's contact probes have already proven in practice for years. The contact probe series HF860 has been developed for these applications and offers reliable signal paths for RF test environments.

However, what if the space conditions do not allow the use of the HF860 probes?

For these applications, Feinmetall has now developed the new HF830 contact probe series. It offers the same performance as the established HF860 series in a significantly more compact design.

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E-Mobility Solutions

FEINMETALL offers you innovative contacting solutions for your test application. Our series "IN A NUTSHELL" shows the function of our contact probes - easy and understandable. This video shows the contacting of connectors and sockets in e-mobility test applications. Here, very often round pins with finger protection caps are used. In addition to the electrical contacting, a presence test of the finger protection is often of great importance for testing these connectors. FEINMETALL has developed a suitable solution for this application.