Most defects in circuit-board assembly are due to the solder paste or the process of printing solder paste. Since the transition of to lead free soldering, a whole new spectra of problems have emerged in older paste printing and its due processes. Incomplete coalescence of ball grid array (BGA) spheres and solder paste deposits, are failure modes that has increased in frequency since the transition to lead-free soldering.

The solder paste deposition process continues to be the leading source of end of line defects in SMT assembly process. Solder paste printing (even though the printing equipment and process has become much more reliable over the past 10 years) is still a complex process where many process variables, materials, environmental influences (temperature and humidity), and human factors, meet. 

It is consistently reported that this process step continues to be responsible for the greatest number of end of line defects. Changing the process to accommodate smaller packages, new stencil designs and paste formulations will make it more difficult to maintain high yields.  

Xceed – New Generation 3D AOI

3D AOI Sensor Head (TRSC-I)
High Speed CMOS Camera (4Mega-pixel) with Dual Laser Technology
RGB LED Lights
Telecentric Lens
Light Weight, Compact Sensor Head Design
Industry Leading Inspection Speed: 65 cm2/sec @ 14 x 14um
Cycle Time: For PCB 260mm x 200mm = 10 seconds including load and unload
High Accuracy & High Speed
True 3D measurement provides the most accurate and repeatable inspection results with the minimum false calls.
Advanced Signal Processing results in noise-less, clear and accurate 3D images.
SIGMA X – World Class 3D SPI

Industry leading inspection speed
30% faster than RSC-6
SIGMA X Orange : 100cm2/sec @ 10x10μm
SIGMA X Blue : 60cm2/sec @ 10x10μm
1,000mm/sec of panel transportation
Reduced loading/unloading time
4 seconds faster than HS60
PARMI’s SPI is the Product Innovation Award Winner for 2013 and 2014
PARMI’s inspection technology is unaffected by varying materials, surface conditions or colors. The system profiles the board to generate accurate 3D shapes far superior to other brands and technologies.