In-Circuit Test Systems

In-Circuit Test Systems

As a Scandinavian pioneer in this area, In-Circuit-Test technology is at the heart of our mission. ICT is by far the most widely accepted test technology and Kontest has over the years contributed considerably in this field. Our range of ICT systems takes care of the most complex boards and come with extensive programming tools.

In-circuit testing is still the most efficient and comprehensive test to date. In combination with our Process Control Software it gives the fastest diagnostics and feedback.

SafeTest Protection Technologies

The SafeTest protection technologies found in Teradyne's TestStation in-circuit test system provide the only ICT solution capable of safe and reliable testing of today's new low voltage technologies. SafeTest protection technology provides electronics manufacturers with the voltage accuracy and back drive current measurement (in real time!) necessary to perform accurate, reliable, and safe powered-up testing of today's new low-voltage technologies, assuring product quality and reducing overall product costs.

Full ICT Test Solutions

Teradyne’s TestStation in-circuit test systems provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality testing for the latest printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies. TestStation is a scalable design that allows users to easily configure size, pin count, instrumentation, automation options, and other test features to match your specific test needs and satisfy throughput, and budget requirements.

The TestStation LH is a lower cost, small footprint and feature scalable version of the popular TestStation 12X in-circuit testers. The TestStation LH uses Teradyne's latest UltraPin and SafeTest Protection Technologies that provide accurate, reliable, and safe powered-up testing of today's increasingly popular low voltage technologies.

Teradyne's TestStation Multi-Site systems deliver 2 to 4 times greater test capacity, delivering 200 to 400% greater productivity, and 40 to 50% lower total cost of test compared to a conventional single site system. TestStation Multi-Site test systems deliver true parallel in-circuit test and functional board test. The key to Multi-Site architecture is intelligent resource allocation.