Support Philosophy

Support Philosophy

Support, service and training are indispensable parts of the test solutions delivered by Columbia Kontest.

Columbia Kontest is well reputed for caring for its customers also after the order is signed and the solution is in place. Our support department is well sized and always ready to assist via all forms of communication.

On-site service is provided to a level specified by the customer. Columbia Kontest can match tough requirements on Response Time and Average Time to Repair.

We provide comprehensive programmer and operator training, either on site or at our premises. Training can be standard scheduled courses or special programs totally tailored for individual customers.

To further assist its customers towards better focus on their core business, Columbia Kontest provides a comprehensive test programming service. Deep knowledge, based on years of experience of an impressive variety of applications, makes Kontest an ideal supplier of ready-to-go test programs.

We deliver test programs for any type of circuit boards or subassembly along with necessary vacuum-actuated, pneumatic or manually operated fixtures.