Hold-Down Gates


The Columbia-Gates is our own design of Hold-Down Gates. It comes in three different standard models, Small, Medium and Large. The Gates are made from Aluminum profiles and can easily be adjusted and modified to all kinds of printed circuit boards.

Col-Gate Small

Made for CK-1 Small fixture kits such

as CK-1 228X-S, CK-1-G12 , CK-1-GP

30 Degrees and CK-G6.

External Dimensions:


Col-Gate Medium

Made for CK-2 Medium/Large fixture

kits such as CK-2 228X-M, CK2-228X-L,

CK2-G12 and CK2-GP 15 Degrees.

 External Dimensions:


Col-Gate Large

Made for CK-2 Medium/Large and CK-3

fixture kits such as CK-2 228X-M, CK2-

228X-L, CK2-G12 and CK-3 228X-L.

 External Dimensions: