Customised testfixtures

Columbia Elektronik AB is synonymous with test fixtures in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, having pioneered the market back in 1977. Since then, we have been delivering and maintaining sustainable solutions for the electronics industry, and keep doing so today. Our market position has granted us the knowhow, skill and knowledge required to keep being the first test fixture supplier of choice in Scandinavia.

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NEW! CMK Mechanical kits

Columbia have created a unique mechanical click system using ball bearings and guiding sleeves. The UUT is connected to the spring contact pins that are connected to the testing environment in a completely linear fashion. Connecting the UUT to probes can beapproached both from the top and the bottom and, optionally, even from the side. The ergonomic housing provides generous spacefor additional measuring electronics. The back and bottom of the housing can be adapted to the various test system interfaces.

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Testsystems & Services

Testing is more than just finding defects on Printed Circuit Boards. It is also about how to predict defects before they occur. True economy can only be achieved when you see testing as an integrated part of manufacturing. To achieve this we provide Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS) that integrate testing with design, manufacturing and repair. Read more on the pages linked below.

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NEW! Universal Robots

Cobots from Universal Robots are bringing flexible automation to manufacturers of all sizes. From assembly to painting, from palletizing to screw-driving, from packaging to polishing, from injection molding to welding, or whatever processing task you can think of, our family of robot arms can help you achieve greater productivity to compete in a global market. Collaborative robots are cost-effective, safe, and flexible to deploy. Collaborative robots - or cobots - are making automation easier than ever, even for small and mid-sized companies.

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Most defects in circuit-board assembly are due to the solder paste or the process of printing solder paste. Since the transition of to lead free soldering, a whole new spectra of problems have emerged in paste printing and its due processes. Incomplete coalescence of ball grid array (BGA) spheres and solder paste deposits, are failure modes that has increased in frequency with the transition to lead-free soldering.

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VPC's VTAC solutions

VPC has revolutionized the world of test & measurement with its line of VTAC high speed digital products. With data transfer rates more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair, the sky's the limit. These precision welded inserts are compatible with several HSD standards including: USB 3.0, HDMI, DVI, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, Twinax, QSFP and Infiniband for all your HSD testing requirements. More standards are available, both with PCB solutions and Wired solutions. For more info, klick on the link below:

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Columbia CMP-fixture + Universal Robots test:

Watch Universal Robots UR3-robot do the normally manual movements in a PCB-test, place the PCB in the test fixture, move down the hold-down top of the fixture, move it up again after test and then remove the PCB to it's original position. Columbia is Universal Robots new integrator and will together move the fixture in testing to a new level. 

News and Events:

Tech Tip Tutorial: Extraction Tools

Check out VPC's new video with instructions on how to properly extract contacts from their modules.


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New Seica Webinar:

Seica is pleased to invite you to the Webinar: EV Manufacturing Challenges: Seica Tests Electric


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Seica Webinar:

Seica is pleased to invite you to the Webinar: Electrical test of flex PCBs in a reel to reel configuration.


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New ECT catalog for 2019

Download the new 2019 catalog here, click on the picture!

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Elektronik 2019 fair

Join us at the Elektronik 2019 fair the 27-28 of March!

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