Experts in delivering complete test fixture solutions

We cover the whole spectra with testsystems, testfixtures, mass interconnect solutions and both hardware and software support and services. 

Customized Test Fixtures

We supply a wide range of test fixtures and mass interconnects solutions for functional and in-circuit tests of electronic products. We excel in all modern fixturing technologies – be it vacuum-actuated, mechanical, or pneumatic – applied to stand-alone, tester-integrated, or inline fixtures.

Test Systems & Services

Testing is more than just finding defects on Printed Circuit Boards. It is also about how to predict defects before they occur. To target this we offer Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS) that integrates testing with design, manufacturing, and repair.


Our AOI & SPI machines can quality check any paste soldering process. The machines can help with real-time quality control, misalignments, and more. As well as post-production inspection of the circuits, solder printing, and verifying that it meets the printing process parameters.

CMK Mechanical Kits

Columbia has created a unique mechanical click system using ball bearings and guiding sleeves. This new system provides generous space for connecting the UUT to probes, and additional measuring of electronics. It’s easy to use and can be adapted to various test system interfaces.

Contact Probes

Columbia offers a full range of testing contact probes that covers all the market. From lagre high-current probes for high voltage applications down to the smallest fine pitch probes in size of 0,10mm in diameter for signal transfers in test sockets. We will help you find the best solution for you!

Mass Interconnect Solutions

Virginia Panel Corporation design, manufactures, and markets Interface Connector products for commercial, military, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer electronic applications. VPC is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing interface systems.

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