GenRad 228X

GenRad 228x

The series of In-Circuit testers that are Teradyne for the 228x and TestStation, are dedicated tools which rely on the tester hardware for diagnostics and test pattern delivery. The integration of the stand-alone BTS with the Teradyne ICT can enhance the system capability. In other words it can provide access to additional tools. It provides the user with a common platform and portability of test patterns from stand-alone to ICT and later-on to functional test and depot test station.

Technical data

Part No. Model No. Max. UUT Overall Dim.
230514 CK-1-228X-S (Small IF) 250×180 410x340
230540 CK-2-228X (Small IF) 370×300 520×420
230532 CK-2-228X (Large IF) 370×300 760×420
230535 CK-2-228X-DW (Large IF) 155×220 (x2) 760×420
230533 CK-3-228X (Large IF) 480×320 760×420
230537 CK-3-228X-DW (Large IF) 155×220 (x2) 760×420
230116 Adapter Plate Use with small IF Use with small IF