High Current/High Frequency Probes

High Current/High Frequency Probes

High Current Probes

The maximum continuous current rating of a spring probe is determined by its design, size, and construction. Typical probes are rated from 2 to 8 amps maximum continuously current at working travel. While this is sufficient for most board test applications, higher current applications will require a much more solid and rugged probe to withstand current capabilities of 10 to 150 amps and beyond.

Another high current solution is our feed-through plunger probe line. As the name already describes, the plunger moves right through the probe and is made from a single piece, reducing the internal resistance of the probe to a minimum.

High Frequency Probes

The precisely-controlled physical and electrical characteristics of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) coaxial high frequency probes make them an ideal port-extending accessory for network analyzers and time domain reflectometers. The RF center conductor system is captivated for maximum reliability. The incorporated spring probes in the open architecture format are able to accommodate a wide range of physical circuit topologies. This alleviates the need for special geometry contact pads on the circuit under test.

ECT Spring Contact Catalogue