VPC News!

VPC News!

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Tech Tip Tutorial: Extraction Tools

VPC extraction tools are designed specifically for safely extracting VPC contacts. By not properly extracting VPC contacts, irreparable damage can be caused to the contact and even the module. This new instruction video shows you the right how-to, for more info contact us at Columbia Elektronik AB.

This video will be a upcoming  part of their #Techtiptuesday campain which is ongoing on Linkedin, learn more tech tips at VPC's Linkedin page here!

50 GHz Micro Coax

The 50 GHz micro coax contacts demonstrate outstanding RF performance from DC to 50 GHz. They offer the best density for higher frequency requirements, and can be used in micro coax modules for 90 Series systems and iSeries solutions. They are available in patchcords using Flex 405 high frequency wire. Read more at vpc.com.

VTAC-High Speed Solutions

VPC's new configurable VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) insert features a data transfer rate of more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair. Gold-plated, self-aligning contacts are specifically designed to reduce crosstalk to increase signal integrity during HSD transfers while maximizing cycle life. Each VTAC HSD insert has a cycle life of 100,000 without signal degradation.You find a brief instruction video and a flyer below: