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  • Universal LightProbe Sensors!

  • VPC:

    Mass InterConnect Solutions

  • Special probes:

    RF, High current, switchprobes

  • Customised testfixtures!

  • Drilling/milling

  • Springloaded probes

Customised testfixtures

Columbia Elektronik AB is synonymous with test fixtures in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, having pioneered the market back in 1977. Since then, we have been delivering and maintaining sustainable solutions for the electronics industry, and keep doing so today. Our market position has granted us the knowhow, skill and knowledge required to keep being the first test fixture supplier of choice in Scandinavia.

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Testsystems & Services

Testing is more than just finding defects on Printed Circuit Boards. It is also about how to predict defects before they occur. True economy can only be achieved when you see testing as an integrated part of manufacturing. To achieve this we provide Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS) that integrate testing with design, manufacturing and repair.

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VPC's VTAC solution

VPC's specially engineered VTAC HSD 90 Series module accommodates 34 inserts with increased signal density. VPC's new module now allows up to 272 signal connections, making it the highest signal density solution available in the single-wide 90 Series module family. These precision welded inserts are compatible with several HSD standards including: USB 3.0, HDMI, DVI, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, Twinax, QSFP and Infiniband for all your HSD testing requirements. More standards are available.

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News and Events:

S.E.E. in Stockholm 24-26 of April.

Columbia is attending at S.E.E. in Stockholm 24-26 of April.

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Columbia + Universal Robots

Columbia is the new integrator for Universal Robots.

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TEC in Gothenburg, January 25, 2018.

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TEC in Lund, September 28, 2017.

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FastATE Test Handlers from 6TL (New video!)

New video explaining the great benefit of the FastATE technology applied to Test Handlers.

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Columbia CMP-fixture + Universal Robots test:

Watch Universal Robots UR3-robot do the normally manual movements in a PCB-test, place the PCB in the test fixture, move down the hold-down top of the fixture, move it up again after test and then remove the PCB to it's original position. Columbia is Universal Robots new integrator and will together move the fixture in testing to a new level.