• Customised testfixtures!

  • Special probes:

    RF, High current, switchprobes

  • Springloaded probes

  • Drilling/milling

Customised testfixtures

Columbia Elektronik AB is synonymous with test fixtures in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, having pioneered the market back in 1977. Since then, we have been delivering and maintaining sustainable solutions for the electronics industry, and keep doing so today. Our market position has granted us the knowhow, skill and knowledge required to keep being the first test fixture supplier of choice in Scandinavia.

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Testsystems & Sevices

Testing is more than just finding defects on Printed Circuit Boards. It is also about how to predict defects before they occur. True economy can only be achieved when you see testing as an integrated part of manufacturing. To achieve this we provide Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS) that integrate testing with design, manufacturing and repair.

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Solder paste inspection

Most defects in circuit-board assembly are due to the solder paste or the process of printing solder paste. Since the transition of to lead free soldering, a whole new spectra of problems have emerged in older paste printing and its due processes. Incomplete coalescence of ball grid array (BGA) spheres and solder paste deposits, are failure modes that has increased in frequency since the transition to lead-free soldering.

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Optomistic Products News!

New homepage and new 2016 product catalogue for Optomistic Products!

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What products and services are you looking forward to?

Stay up to date about what’s hot and what’s not in the testing industry. Every year we make a point out of having a dominating presence at the...

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Columbia Elektronik AB in numbers

Columbia Elektronik AB in numbers, presented by Swedish media (SvD Näringsliv)

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