Courses: Spectrum Hybrid Modeling, DSM and Flash Programming

Course Description

Days: 5

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Test station: Spectrum Hybrid Modeling, DSM and Flash Programming

Advanced applications programming allows the programmer to make full use of the This course is designed for GR228X engineer level trainees with experience of developing in-circuit test programs for the GR228X. The course covers a review of high speed modelling concepts, hybrid modelling, serial programming, DSM hardware and multiplexing issues. Flash programming is studied with hybrid models using the flash tool to generate code to program a flash device. In the serial programming we analyze the timing diagrams in the device datasheet to part them into hybrid macros. In serial programming we also study real time data to program into the device.

Intended Audience

Students who have attended the Level 1 and 2 Applications courses with at least six months of programming GenRad’s and Senior level test engineers.


Students should have a good understanding of digital electronics, be able to interpret circuit schematic diagrams, and possess GR228X programming experience.

Topics Covered
  • Using clocks and multiple timing sets.
  • Burst Import / Export.
  • On board flash programming using DSM.
  • Hybrid model development.
  • Using the Flash tool to generate DSM vector file.
  • Writing Hybrid models using the Hybrid editor.
  • Convert TPG code to a hybrid model.
  • Interpret a Flash model.
  • Interpret different Hybrid examples.
  • Serial programming.
  • Hybrid Macro Built-ins.
  • Hybrid Macro Commands.
  • How to use Flagspecs from CKT to select tests in a model.
  • Using the hybrid test-generator.