Radio Frequency Probes

Radio Frequency Probes

Columbia offers a large range of radio frequency series and versions.

Radio-Frequency Probes

In coaxially constructed radio frequency probes, the inner conductor is used for signal transmission, while the outer conductor serves as shielding. These probes are used for contacting many standardized RF connectors and RF sockets. Starting with larger Fakra or HSD connectors, over SMA, SMB, SMC connectors, up to small SMD-equipped switch connectors or for contacting directly on PCBs.

  • Contacting for standardized connectors
  • Frequencies above 20 GHz
  • Floating mounting
  • Radio frequency probes up to 20 GHz
  • For all common standard connectors
  • For all common automotive connectors
  • For all common switch connectors
  • Also solutions for PCB contacting
  • Customized solutions possible

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