Courses: Spectrum Advanced Application Programming

Course Description

Days: 5

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Test station: Spectrum Advanced Application Programming

Advanced applications programming allows the programmer to make full use of the options and features by presenting the topics in clear structured laboratory exercises created to enhance the students learning. High-Speed Testing Techniques will include the Set Clock statement and an understanding of the Clock Drivers and Triggers used to optimize testing of high-speed digital devices. On-board Flash programming will give the programmer the tools needed to create tests with Flash components on-board. While learning about other instrumentation like programming the Frequency Test Instrument, Analog Functional Test Module, and the In-Circuit Analog Card, the trainee will become more proficient in using the GenRad Test System

Intended Audience

Students who have attended the Level 1 and 2 Applications courses with at least six months of programming GenRad’s and Senior level test engineers.

The skills learned here will allow the attendee to perform such tasks that will assist the Test Engineer with floor support.


Knowledge of analog/digital theory and schematic reading is essential and an
understanding of the production line and some basic testing techniques is

Topics Covered
  • CB/Test Overview
  • High Speed Modelling and Testing
  • BasicScan
  • BURST Import and Export Test Techniques
  • On-Board Flash Programming with the Deep Serial Memory Card
  • Measuring Frequency with the Frequency Test Instrument
  • Programming the Analog Functional Test Module
  • Programming the In-Circuit Analog Module
  • Panel Testing
  • Data Display