Tailored Test Systems

We offer tailored test systems and fixtures based on our experience and knowledge. Always in close cooperation with the customer!

Customized Systems

Talk to us here at Columbia if you are interested in customer-tailored test systems!

Our Test Systems:

Test & Test Systems

Our software engineers also create test programs for ICT systems. This allows Columbia to supply comprehensive solutions. We also offer optical inspection AOI/SPI. By using optical inspection, defects on circuit boards are detected and one may predict errors before products reach the end customer.

Testing is more than just finding defects on Printed Circuit Boards. It is also about how to predict defects before they occur. True economy can only be achieved when you see testing as an integrated part of manufacturing. To achieve this we provide Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Manufacturing Systems (EMS) that integrate testing with design, manufacturing, and repair. Columbia’s expertise covers all aspects of PCB and sub-assembly production testing utilizing a full range of modern technologies: SPI, AOI, ICT, functional analog/digital testing, and flying probe testing.

Production and Test Software

Our goal is always to be building a strong foundation for a long-term relationship with our customers and then maintain it. Whether it comes to controlling the production environment or getting the right tools for interfacing between design and test, Columbia can provide a solution. We always strive to provide the highest quality, on-time delivery, and most cost-effective and innovative test solutions possible by maintaining a fully engaged relationship with our customers from the start through completion.  When it comes to production, the need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness is a must. Columbia collaborates with suppliers that focus on getting rapid and smart functionality on the production floor, at a reasonable cost.

Are you looking for technical support, you can find more information about our support service here.

Functional Testing from 6TL

We supply 6TL’s range of test systems. Their specialty is simplifying the architecture of test systems so that our customer’s total cost of ownership is drastically minimized.

Thanks to this technology, the standardization of the test system comes intrinsically with the integration process, and the result will be a flexible, reusable, and reliable system that will drastically differentiate from former test investments.