Courses: Spectrum Operator Train The Trainer Program

Course Description

Days: 3

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Test station: Spectrum Operator Train The Trainer Program

The test operator is a vital link in your Production Line. Training these people can be an expensive process. GenRad Customer Training has developed the Train the Trainer Program to allow you to train your Supervisor, Trainer or Senior Technician so they may deliver the GR228X Operator Training to your people.

The course will cover the introduction to the GenRad Test System, In-circuit testing concepts along with basic operation. System software and testing boards in a production environment will create the background needed to become a trained operator. Usage of the test fixtures, with some basic maintenance skills will enable the operator to perform basic tasks to keep your line running smooth. Your trainer willbe trained as if they themselves will become the operator, giving them and insight to how the system runs. On the third day of the course, your trainer will receive information and instruction on how to deliver this training to your people, at your site. They will learn Instructional Techniques, course flow and receive copies of material that can be reproduced at your site for training your valuable assets.

Intended Audience

Line Supervisors, Senior Floor Technicians, Advanced Operators, Corporate Trainers

The skills learned here will allow the attendee to perform such tasks that will assist the operator.


Knowledge of analog/digital theory and schematic reading and an understanding of the production line are preferred.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction to the 228X Test System
  • In-Circuit Test Concepts
  • Basic Operation
  • System Software Overview
  • Testing Boards in Production Environment
  • Test Fixtures
  • User Maintenance of the Test System
  • Operational Verification Procedures