Course Description

Days: 3

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Alchemist III training course is a workshop designed to enable participants to create usable data for GenRad’s TestStation and GenRad’s 228x Series Machines. Participants gain real-world knowledge with a hands-on approach to enhancing CAD data while working towards developing improved printed circuit assembly (PCA) test programs.

This course is a pre-requisite to GenRad’s Tester Program Development courses – GR228x Level 1.

Intended Audience

In-Circuit Test Engineers and Programmers

  • Working knowledge of Windows 95/98/2000 or Windows NT.
  • Knowledge of analog/digital theory and schematic reading is essential.
  • Understanding of the production line and testing.
  • A familiarity with CAD files is highly desirable.
Topics Covered
  • Introduction and Overview.
  • Translating and Importing CAD Data.
  • Alchemist 98B.
  • Import the Bill of Materials.
  • Identify Components.
  • Revise Data.
  • Panelization.
  • Probe Placement (Tester Only)
  • Export Data.
Course Objective
  • Understand the overall purpose and functionality of Alchemist III.
  • Import and/or translate CAD data.
  • Use Alchemist 98B to translate CAD data.
  • Import the Bill of Materials using the A3 BOM Wizard.
  • Identify Components using existing and user-created rule sets.
  • Revise project data for up load to other testers and software platforms.
  • Panelize the product.
  • Place Test Probes.
  • Export data to other testers and software platforms.