Courses: Spectrum operations and programming lvl 1

Course Description

Days: 5

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Test station: Spectrum operations and programming lvl 1

An introduction to the world of GR228X programming, with the emphasis placed on overall program development, analog models and TEST XPRESS tools. The TEST XPRESS suite of tools will be explained and used as part of the test development process, generation and debug. Generation of reports to be sent to vendors for design and construction of test fixtures and determining the acceptability of these fixtures, as well as, test programs developed by contract programmers. Detailed exercises on the modification of existing programs to reflect changes on the board. These changes include components, values and tolerances.

Intended Audience

Students who are currently or will be Test Engineers and Programmers with little or no experience developing in-circuit test sets for the GR228X test systems.


GR Alchemist III training.

  • Good understanding of basic electronics.
  • Be able to interpret circuit schematics.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Possess some programming experience.
Programming Experience Should include:
  • Use of an editor to modify files.
  • Use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to access tools and programs.
  • An understanding of the concepts and syntax for a high level programming language
Topics Covered
  • Basic test programs for the GR228X series of testers
  • GR228X Test System Architecture
  • In-Circuit Test Concepts
  • System Software Overview
  • Test Program Development Process using TestFlo
  • Describing the Circuit Board
  • Using the Analog Component Library and Analog Component Source File
  • Programming Power Supplies
  • In-Circuit Test Fixtures
  • Generating Fixture Data
  • Debugging a Test Program
  • Releasing the Test Set to Manufacturing
  • Setting up Data Logging and Analyzing the Collected data, to Include Basic Statistical Analysis
  • TEST XPRESS Tools Overview
  • TEST XPRESS Tools Test Program Development
  • Debugging the TEST XPRESS Tools Test Programs
  • Performing an ECO
Course Objective
  • Understand the GR228X Test System Architecture and In-Circuit Test Concepts
  • Develop Test Programs using GR Monitor Pages
  • Debug Test Programs
  • Debug Test Xpress Programs