6TL22 Off-Line Testing Platform

6TL22 Off-Line Testing Platform

  • 6TL MMI module 7300.0x as advanced power and safety controller
  • Fixtures Receiver for Virginia Panel connection modules guaranteeing more than 20.000 connections
  • Ready for different fixturing technologies

Learn about our Build to print service for Test Platforms. The 6TL22 Platform is a perfect base for the conception of a real modular Automatic Test Equipment for low to mid manufacturing volumes.

A system designed around the 6TL22 is simple, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. The rack is prepared for the direct integration of the three platform-based receivers from Virginia Panel, the S6, G12 and G12X.

The core of the system can be either an Industrial PC or a NI-PXI. A UPS will protect the valuable instrumentation as well as control all the steps for an automatic power-up and down of the test system.

Thanks to the Test Rack Manager (MMI), interaction and control with the system, as well as the basic safeties, are implemented out-of-the-box.

More advantages:

  • Compact, transportable and modular platform ready for ICT, FCT, Boundary Scan, HiPot, Vision, or any combination of the previous technologies.
  • Ready to be used with YAV boards as switching technology or other switching modules.
  • 24Vdc Power Supply included
  • Phi6 Operator Interface included
  • Ready for fixture automatic detection
  • Ready for operation with servo pusher
  • Ready for pneumatic installation if needed

Typical 6TL-22 configuration would be the one shown in the image. Order the following products to get this configuration:

  • H71002200, 6TL22 Off-Line Base Test Platform
  • H73000301, Test rack manager
  • H71007400 G12 Kit
  • H71007300, Monitor & Keyboard in a lockable drawer
  • H71002190, Side adjustable kit for monitor
  • MMSAI2U1000, UPS