6TL24 Combinational Base Test Platform

6TL24 Combinational Base Test Platform

  • Dual-stage Pushing mechanism with exchangeable cassette system (FCT+ICT)
  • FastATE Technology: Modular, scalable, and top flexible approach; Minimum wiring and easy maintenance; LabVIEW drivers.

The 6TL24 is the Base platform ideal for Combinational test (ICT+FCT) in low to mid-volume, high-mix electronics productions. A dual-stage pushing mechanism will allow performing both, the FCT and the ICT test, without the need of changing the test platform and with a low cost fixturing technology. To do so, the exchangeable cassette fixture must be designed with two-level probes. IN the 6TL24, the second level is reached thanks to a pneumatic actuator.

6TL offers a fully configured Combinational Test Platform, able to perform the most common electronics testing technologies (ICT, FCT, BS and ISP) out of the box. Ask for P/N H71002470 for more information about this configuration.


  • Mid-sized – High Mixed production batches
  • Combinational Test (Combine test technologies while using the same test rack).
  • PXI chassis direct integration for modular instrumentation approach 8-slot receiver (compatible with VPX 90 series modules).
  • Platform Manager (Power, Temperature and Safety), 6TL module P/N H73000301 with EPO safety function included, and the possibility to include up to 4 additional functions.
  • UPS, for platform-controlled power up/down and instrument asset protection.
  • Keyboard with trackball and TFT on the sidearm
  • 24U 19″ free rack space for integration of third-party equipment.
  • Small footprint
  • CE compilant, ESD safe