USB 2.0 Type A (with cord and plug)

USB 2.0 Type A (with cord and plug)

Test connector for USB 2.0 with cord and plug (4 pole) for contacting USB interfaces. Application in USB devices like hard disks, data carriers, power supplies, etc.

Test Connectors

Plug emulations for testing at an industrial level achieve extremely high durability, whereas classic plugs are usually designed for only a few 100-cycle times. The test plugs are manufactured from a particularly abrasion-resistant, high-tech plastic. The contact wires made of copper beryllium are glued into the plug body and are suitable for high mating cycles. The replicas also have the advantage that, unlike the original plugs, they do not click into place, which further extends the service life. The specially shaped plug tip facilitates low-wear contact with the plug sockets and prevents premature damage to the contact springs. In conjunction with a pneumatic contacting unit, the plugs can be built into an extremely wide variety of different test adapters. The delivery program for test connectors from Columbia Elektronik includes all usual types for für RJ-45, USB, USB-Micro, HDMI, and Displayport.

Optionally, the following accessories are available:

  • Floating bearing and self-centering adapters (mounting units)
  • Cable and connector assembly according to customer requirements

Special shapes, special lengths, and self-coded connector shapes can be realized as requested by the customer. We will gladly advise you with regard to concrete tasks, i.e. whether a plug connection with industry-standard emulations can be contacted wear-free.

Modular Design

The plug contact consists of a test plug for the transmission of the digital signals that meet your specific requirements and a suitable adapter (mounting unit). Due to their built-in rubber buffers, the mounting shoes have different degrees of freedom and allow a self-centering contact. Because of these flexible fixing tolerances on the product and in the contact area can be compensated (for example in case of misalignment or deviations in the assembly). The plugs can be easily integrated into test fixtures or contacting modules. By a suitable cable assembly, the plug is connected quickly and solderless to the measuring system. This makes it easy to replace the test plugs while maintaining the system.

  • Testplug USB 2.0 A with cord and plug
  • Suitable mounting unit

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